French lessons for kids

We have weekend kids classes for kids from age 5 to 12 years at our Milton Park centre. The whole idea is to “catch them young” as this is the most ideal time to get them immersed in language learning.  

French lessons for school children.

We have packages designed to help those who are learning French in school and might be struggling to cope or those who may simply want to improve. We also focus on aspects that we have noted to be generally neglected in schools such as conversation. Our tutors also help with exam techniques to help produce the best results possible. To date we have helped hundreds of pupils who had been written off in their different schools to achieve outstanding results, much to the surprise and delight of their parents and teachers.

French / Spanish / Portuguese lessons for corporates

We can have arrangements with companies where we send tutors to conduct lessons within their premises at times that best suit them. These programs are designed to help them learn with little or no disturbance to their work schedules. This services is also accompanied with marketing support for those organisations who wish to pursue interests in countries where these languages are spoken.

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