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French lessons for kids
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French lessons for corporates
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French lessons for adults
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French lessons for adults
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Online class
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Mind your language!

French lessons for kids

We have weekend kids classes for kids from age 5 to 12 years at our Milton Park centre. The whole idea is to “catch them young” as this is the most ideal time to get them immersed in language learning.

French lessons for adults.

Our language lessons are tailor made for those who are learning a language while living in an environment where the language is not spoken. We teach in a way that this fact does not impede the learning process.

French lessons for school children French lessons for pre-schools Remedial lessons / Exam coaching ‘O’ and ‘A’ level French lessons for corporates Conversation class Career guidance Private one on one lessons  Spanish lessons for adults Spanish lessons for corporates. french lessons in Zimbabwe.

About us


To produce human resources and businesspersons ready to excel across the language divide.


To transform the linguistic landscape of the continent.

Why learn a language?

It takes linguistic literacy to increase the chances of surviving in an increasingly competitive world. Think global.


Why choose Cendel Language Centre?

Since 2006, Cendel Language Centre has been at the centre of eliminating the language divide. With our unique teaching approach and dedicated team, we help learners to learn languages with relative ease and excitement. It is worth noting that our approach is mainly conversational even though we also put emphasis on reading and writing.

Located some two kilometres from Harare’s CBD, Cendel Language Centre welcomes more than 500 students each year, including online students from all over the world.


Contact us

7 Rowland Square

Milton Park 


0718 25 25 25


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